💛Do we ship internationally? Yes, please let me know if you have any issues. International Shipping rates are just updated. It's pretty much between $17.99-$30 USD to ship any order less than or equal to $200 USD worldwide . With a few exceptions due to shipping laws.

💙15% of our profits are donated to mental health charities

💙All shirts are 100% cotton.
Hoodies are 50% polyester and 50% cotton
Long sleeves are 100% cotton


Due to Machine Failure, please expect longer production times. I (Joshua Dixon) am working non stop to serve you with my best production quality

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be shipped, as your item is handmade with love, care, and the highest quality control. These items are made to be a motivating part of your journey. Expected delivery domestically within 5 business days. International times vary.

💙Each order comes with free goodies 😉

💙Free US shipping on all orders over $100 USD

💙I can make a video of your order if you comment your order number on any of my videos. It's fun showing you all the behind the scenes.

💙Each order comes with care instructions

💙Each order is made with love, care, precision and admiration.

💙No returns / exchanges, contact us at joshua@admirewear.com for any concerns, questions and etc

💛What is Admire Wear?

It’s a family, a home, a safe space, a brand, a community, international, selfless, healing, and so much more.

At the core of that, being the founder myself, Joshua Dixon, my goal is to help save lives like mine and yours. As a survivor of dog mauling, 61 surgeries, sexual assault, rape, bullying, domestic violence, racial profiling, assault, discrimination of ability status, child abuse, suicide, depression, and myself.

I have been through a tremendous amount of harm in life, but through the will of God, I continue to fight for tomorrow. With great pain and years of continuous healing, every day is a battle and a fight for tomorrow. I know this pain a little too well, and knowing that I could’ve been one of the 45,979 Americans who lost their lives to suicide in 2020; motivates me to use my story and creative abilities to help others share the pain I bare. God saved my life in December 2020 to help save others.

I created this brand to help people potentially admire themselves and the world around them. I believe that all life is sacred, and our lives are meaningful. I believe that together we can choose love over fear and learn to dance in the rain because our admirers aren’t alone as we have each other along the way.