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Choose Love Over Fear

I Admire you for all you do. Don’t give up. Keep fighting as we are here to support you along the way.

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Jan 25, 2022

Featured Interview by Alexey Timbul for Post-Paris Fashion

Admire Wear

What is your earliest fashion memory? A moment you realized wow clothes and accessories can be a way to express myself… Sophomore year of high school I used to get bullied a lot in school, on the bus, at home. People would just shit on me every day. I had no escape and wrote my first suicide note. But I had this hoodie with a really large hood. It felt like being hugged. I could even cry in it, and no one cared. I wore it 24/7. It’d be hot outside and there’s little Joshua in his hoodie trying to hide from the world. With the hood up, I was able to avoid people’s stares. The less people saw me the less pain I had to endure. The safety of that hoodie let me know that I was ok. Senior year my mom got me like 20 hoodies for Christmas. It blew my mind with the pockets and zippers and T-Rexes, and galaxies, what art could do to a hoodie. When I thought about launching my own brand, a hoodie was the first item! [Laughs]

Caring for mental health is essential, and it means everything to us. Mental health is physical health. I know it can be challenging, and I don't undermine your experience as I value what you have been through.


You are not your flaws, you dont have to fight this alone.

Help is available.

You will be the blossoming flower God made you out to be.

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I Admire You

This is a reminder to love yourself, take care of yourself. In addition to that don't forget to admire yourself for all the hard work you do. Your life is meaningful and your journey is important.

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